With the understanding that they will be creating a one of a kind Resort, Federico e Elena Maquignaz went in search of a one of a kind architect. The famous Savin Couelle  projected and created a truly amazing structure, step by step with the Maquignaz family.

Saint Hubertus was developed completely by artisans and artists from all over Europe.

At Saint Hubertus Resort, everyone is speaking about three natural elements. Water that springs from the natural waterfalls of the Alps. The warm wood from our forests that element the 28 fireplaces in the Resort, which you can see from very window. Finally,  the stone and slate that silently surround us like the Alps and the her majesty the Matterhron silent and assuring.


The awareness and will of creating something unique.

Tripadvisor 2018 Certificato di Eccellenza • Certificate of Excellence


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Saint Hubertus Resort, vincitore Italy's Best Ski Boutique Hotel 2017