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…To achieve this, it is essential to support the body’s biological energy rhythms through easy-to-digest food during sports activities and “building” food during the rest phase.

The kitchen is at your disposal with healthy food recommendations, such as morning take-away snacks, grapefruit and oil cocktails, for the liver. In addition good fats are offered as an aid to vital organs (kidneys, pancreas, heart, nervous system). Shellfishes are proposed to encourage the feeding of joint cartilages for the prevention of arthritis.

Other proposal will still be available depending on the individual needs in relation to the daily and seasonal biological rhythm.

We recommend not to forget to drink the precious spring water rich in minerals of the Matterhorn, the first vehicle to oxygenate the human body.

70% of our body is made up of water.

The more this is renewed, the more the body functions are kept functional.


Calming, it promotes digestion and struggle depression.


Birch (leaves)

Diuretic, depurative, anti cellulite.



Anti-inflammatory, expectorant, to struggle cough and bronchitis.



Anti- inflammatory, good for liver and gastritis.



Antiseptic and balsamic properties, useful in the treatment of diabetes. It helps for menstrual disorders and menopause.



Diuretic, diaphoretic, anti-neuralgic, emollient, laxative, anti-fibrillating, emetic, anti-rheumatic, weakly anti-inflammatory action. It stimulates the bronchi, purifying.



Decongestant and balsamic action: mint has a refreshing, fluidifying effect on the secretions of the respiratory system. It is used to struggle colds, fever, cough.



For its emollient effect it is used in the treatment of chronic skin diseases, especially in case of eczema, rashes and acne. It cleans, regenerates and makes the skin more beautiful. Also recommended in case of convalescence, malnutrition, depletion, anemia and iron deficiency.



It promotes the remineralization of the osteo- articular system and hard tissues such as nails and hair. To struggle stretch marks, wrinkles, cellulitis, osteoporosis, skeletal growth of adolescents, fractures consequences, arthrosis, tendinitis.


Some mixes

 melissa, peppermint

For Sports Lovers: elder, mint, nettle

Tonic: elder flowers, melissa

Diuretic, Purifying, Detoxifying: nettle, horsetail, birch lea

Aromatica: melissa, peppermint, marigold



Ergo Life Nutrition