Ergonomic Health 360°

Ergonomic Health 360 ̊


The luxury Saint Hubertus Resort, surrounded by nature, has an exclusive ergonomic SPA, with its elegant and refined design.
The Ergo project was born and developed respecting the place where we are. At 2’000 meters of altitude it becomes harder to breathe, the blood pressure increases, metabolism speeds up, air dryness decreases.

In the same way there is less pollen, colors are brighter and sounds are more harmonic. Our multisensory balance changes.
Our objective is to face this reality enhancing physical saving, energy efficiency and improving quality of life.

All this through our ergo programs and with our swimming pool with breathtaking view on the Matterhorn as a background.


Ergo aesthetics

The SPA Manager Loredana Colombo, with the collaboration of the cosmetologist Professor Umberto Borellini, have created our exclusive programs. These programs will lead you to a complete psycho physical well being thanks to multisensorial rituals using the power of colours and natural scents to satisfy all needs.

Ergo postural - kinetic

Functional training that modifies our neuro-muscular function increasing body’s capability to absorb and use oxygen thanks to a correct breathing coordinated with precise movements. Under the guidance of Professor Luigi Boccolini, kinesiologist, osteopath and physiotherapist, we will take care of your posture during all your activities: prevention, re-education, sports and recreational activities. It is possible to book a private osteopathic appointment with Professor Boccolini.

Ergo kine - aesthetics

Kinetic – Estetic – Nutrition

Union between kinesiology and aesthetics that aim to recover psychologic, physic and aesthetics beauty and wellness.

Ergo life nutrition

The objective of a personalized nutrition model can be reached only by respecting the different physiologic needs of our life: work-, emotional- and neurohormonal needs. We will be at your disposal with nutritional and healthy suggestions. Without forgetting the precious source water, rich in salt minerals of the Matterhorn.

SPA a Cervinia

Saint Hubertus Resort & Spa - Cervinia
Saint Hubertus Resort & Spa - Cervinia

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