Saint Hubertus Resort

Among beautiful stone arches and slate walls, with the grand fireplace and suggestive candles lit, we open the doors of the Saint Hubertus Resturant.

The restaurant has a great tradition in Italian cooking, using local products that the Chef Andrea Rizzo personally selects.

Homemade pastas, meats from the Valley, local farm fresh cheeses and more will bring you the delights of Italian cuisine.

The restaurant is open to all, hotel guests as well as external visitors.

Call us to discover our lunch menu.

Ristorante | Saint Hubertus Resort, Cervinia



Seared scallops,crispy Parma ham and navy with parsley iol

A selection of roe deer

Slightly smoked anchovies from the Cantabrian sea ,mixted salad and freezed Mandravecchia extra virgin olive oil

Crispy egg, fine black truffle,potato foam and Fontina cheese

A selection of foie gras served on croissant sweet bread, reduction of Porto wine and cranberries

Puff pastry with citrus marinated salmon, artichokes and Seirass cheese


Bronze-drawn spaghetti alla chitarra with lobster and  Datterino tomatoes 

Buckwheat and cocoa pappardelle pasta with doe ragout

Homemade potato and chard gnocchi with Raschera cheese fondue

Plin ravioli with sausage and cabbage, Alpine butter and reduction of Torrette Supérieure wine 

Carnaroli risotto, Robiola cheese, hazelnut and Chambave Muscat wine

Tomatoes and extra virgin Mandravecchia oil creamy tagliolini pasta, buffalo mozzarella and sweet pesto


Black bread and mountain herbs crusted dairy veal loin with Dijon mustard

Duck chest with Armagnac, apples and shallot confit

Vegetables tempura,warm cow milk caprino cheese

Lamb shin with Prosecco wine, smoked mountain potatoes

Iberico pork chees braised n Nebbiolo wine, mashed carrots

Brill, artichokes and fish stock with bergamot scent


A selection
of Saint Hubertus Resort desserts

Homemade ice creams

Dark chocolate mini cake, Black Forest

Chees cake with Greek yogurt and berries

Banana split 2.0

Mango ice cream and coconut sphere, almond brittle

Saint Hubertus Resort Restaurant is open every day, even for external customers.


Delizie per il palato e per tutti i sensi.